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Umpire ‘Corner An Owl In An Alcove’

Based in Perth, Umpire have been around the music scene for the better part of five years now, but only released their debut album, ‘Now We’re Active’, last year. For those that have followed the band’s career from the beginning the wait must have been completely worth it however, because the album is fantastic, denying easy categorisation and instead drawing on countless different trends and elements to create an entirely unique sound. The wonderfully titled single ‘Corner An Owl In An Alcove’ is the perfect example of this.

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Great Australian Music Blogs

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a bit slack with the updates lately. I’ve been doing through a gigdrought (which is thankfully about to end) and so haven’t had any reviews to write up, and with uni starting again I’m finding I just don’t have as much spare time as I’m used to having.

Whilst I certainly hope you stick with me despite only semi-regular posts for the next couple of weeks (things should calm down a bit soon), if you’re needing your regular fix of Australian music there are plenty of other great blogs where you can get it.

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From A Place I’d Rather Be

I’m such a sucker for Corona commercials. Sure they ‘re sappy and cliched, but the production values are always sky-high, and they have impeccable music selection that perfectly compliments their brand.

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Kids Without Bikes

Kids Without Bikes is a Melbourne band absolutely demolishing the Triple J Unearthed charts at the moment (I’m talking holding the top three spots simultaneously). And there’s a good reason for this. They play really addictive, fast paced tunes that race along at a breakneck speed and mix in elements from genres as broad as […]

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The Inbetweeners

I’m so in love with this song at the moment, Lola And Tom by The Inbetweeners: Lola And Tom tells a story about peoples’ private secrets and how these small but important things can completely change who they are, even if no-one knows them. It contrasts private and public lives, and does so with enthralling […]

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Gorillaz ‘On Melancholy Hill’ Video

Everybody loves Gorillaz music videos, and this one, for my favourite track of ‘Plastic Beach’, is a gem.

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