Best Songs Of 2010 #3

Hey Marseilles – Cigarettes

“I, I remember, how we would dance out loud. In safe and solemn harbours, away from windswept towns, and white cloth clouds, to dance out loud.”

One of most criminally under-appreciated records of the year has been Hey Marseilles’ re-release of ‘To Travels And Trunks’. Even so, this song, Cigarettes, is a pretty deep-cut from the album, with other tracks like Rio and From A Terrace getting a lot more attention.

I have no idea why though, because from the moment I first heard this song I have been completely mesmerised by it. The beauty of the song is in how it builds so majestically from a single guitar and voice to full-blown harmonies and orchestral instrumentation from the seven band members, only to fade back to that guitar with just as much grace.

In addition, Matt Bishop’s voice is pretty much perfect for the track, and even if I’m not so sure about the religious imagery, some of the lyrics are just beautiful. This song has been on high rotation for much of the year, but yet it still somehow gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it.

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