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Big Day Out Lineup Dissected

By now you’ve probably heard the first announcement of the Big Day Out 2012 lineup. It’s not to my personal taste, and that’s fine, it was probably never really going to be. What is of more concern however it just how much of the lineup thus far consists of regurgitated acts who tour Australia every other year. Just how boring, safe, and predictable is this lineup? Let’s take a look.

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Great Australian Music Blogs

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a bit slack with the updates lately. I’ve been doing through a gigdrought (which is thankfully about to end) and so haven’t had any reviews to write up, and with uni starting again I’m finding I just don’t have as much spare time as I’m used to having.

Whilst I certainly hope you stick with me despite only semi-regular posts for the next couple of weeks (things should calm down a bit soon), if you’re needing your regular fix of Australian music there are plenty of other great blogs where you can get it.

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My Problems With The Hottest 100

Like a lot of people, I was quite disappointed with the Hottest 100 countdown this year, even moreso than I was expecting to be. Ultimately I understand that a countdown this big is never going to perfectly reflect one individual’s taste in music, and that my own taste in music is significantly different to your average Triple J listener, but I still think that there are a few problems with the system.

This is the first editorial-style piece I’ve done for the blog, so bear with me. At the very least perhaps this will spark some interesting debate, and I hope it makes for a good read. It is certainly not intended as a Triple J hater post, because I’m far from that. Anyway, here are some problems are some potential solutions that I have with the polling methodology of the Hottest 100.

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