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San Cisco ‘Rocket Ship’

When I first heard San Cisco’s EP ‘Golden Revolver’ early last year I had the feeling that I’d be hearing a lot more of the Perth band very soon, but to be honest I had no idea just how much or just how soon. The band’s recent single Awkward was a career-maker, polling in at number seven on some countdown I’ve never heard of before and earning the band a huge following around the country that has seen them all but sell out their current national tour. Well San Cisco are back with the second taste of their upcoming ‘Awkward’ EP, ‘Rocket Ship’.

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My Problems With The Hottest 100

Like a lot of people, I was quite disappointed with the Hottest 100 countdown this year, even moreso than I was expecting to be. Ultimately I understand that a countdown this big is never going to perfectly reflect one individual’s taste in music, and that my own taste in music is significantly different to your average Triple J listener, but I still think that there are a few problems with the system.

This is the first editorial-style piece I’ve done for the blog, so bear with me. At the very least perhaps this will spark some interesting debate, and I hope it makes for a good read. It is certainly not intended as a Triple J hater post, because I’m far from that. Anyway, here are some problems are some potential solutions that I have with the polling methodology of the Hottest 100.

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