San Cisco ‘Rocket Ship’

When I first heard San Cisco’s EP ‘Golden Revolver’ early last year I had the feeling that I’d be hearing a lot more of the Perth band very soon, but to be honest I had no idea just how much or just how soon. The band’s recent single Awkward was a career-maker, polling in at number seven on some countdown I’ve never heard of before and earning the band a huge following around the country that has seen them all but sell out their current national tour. Well San Cisco are back with the second taste of their upcoming ‘Awkward’ EP, Rocket Ship.

In my opinion it’s just as insanely catchy as Awkward, which really is saying something. Those exuberant choruses are infectious, and if the band can keep on recording music like this it’s hard not to see them going from strength to strength as they look towards an inevitable debut album which will be met with a lot of expectation. I’d tell you to check them on Facebook, but I’m sure you already have.

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