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The Middle East Album News

The band have announced that their long-awaited debut album/sophomore album (depending on how you classify their tricky self-titled EP/Album thingy) will be released on April the 8th.

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New Last Dinosaurs Music Video

A music video for Last Dinosaurs’ new single Time And Place. It’s a cool track and it’s a much more professional clip than their earlier attempt with Honolulu. That is all.

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Fishing, aka Sydney-based duo Russell Fitzgibbon and Doug Wright will be supporting Cloud Control for their upcoming ‘My Fear’ tour.

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Gig Review: Tunng @ The East Brunswick Club, 22nd February

How many bands perform an optical illusion whilst on stage intended to cause an imaginary sausage to float in your hands, as pre-recorded instructions guide them? I’m guessing not many. But then not many bands feature a keyboardist who also plays literally a collection of house keys suspended in the air in front of him with his feet whilst also playing keyboard. Only band does both of these things: Tunng.

And they played an utterly wonderful set at the East Brunswick Club last night that had the under-capacity but yet very enthusiastic crowd enchanted by the UK ‘folktronica’ outfit.

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‘The King Of Limbs’ First Impressions

Whilst it is true that albums have to be considered within the cultural context in which they are produced, I also think it is important to look at whether an album is enjoyable to listen to or not as the primary indicator of whether it is a good record. In this regard, I think I am perhaps more capable than some in writing an unbiased piece on ‘The King Of Limbs’, if only because I didn’t share some of the incredibly lofty expectations of others going into its release. So here goes.

In short, I like it.

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Gig Review: Foster The People @ The Northcote Social Club, 16th February

Last night LA band Foster The People played a staggeringly good show to a sold out crowd at the Northcote Social Club as a part of their first ever international tour. They showed no signs of their relative youth as a band, instead delivering a flawless and exhilarating set that lived up to the hype and confirmed Foster The People’s position as pretty much the hottest new band in the world right now.

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