Album Reviews


Vampire Weekend: Contra

Delphic: Acolyte

Spoon: Transference

The Magnetic Fields: Realism


Surfer Blood: Astro Coast

Shearwater: The Golden Archipelago

Yeasayer: Odd Blood

JJ: Nº3

Lightspeed Champion: Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You

Beach House: Teen Dream


John Butler Trio: April Uprising

MGMT: Congratulations


Jónsi: Go

The National: High Violet

The Lucky Wonders: Thirteen O’Clock


Cloud Control: Bliss Release


Too Lazy


The Boat People: Dear Darkly

Steering By Stars: Cables

Arcade Fire: The Suburbs


Los Campesinos!: All’s Well That Ends

Sufjan Stevens: All Delighted People EP


Still Too Lazy


Hungry Kids Of Hungary: Escapades

Sufjan Stevens: The Age Of Adz

4 Responses to “Album Reviews”

  1. do you review unsigned indie bands? We were signed to a major and are now releasing our own album…working every angle on our own…album is free to stream and download at

    please mail me back if you’re interested, we would be grateful!!!


    • Hi, I’d be happy to have a look and write up a review- I’m fairly busy at the moment but when I get time I’ll definitely give it a try.

  2. So that Tame Impala album is definitely worth a review I’m thinking…

    • Yeah I’ve been listening to it a fair bit and I agree. I saw them live a year and a bit ago and wasn’t really impressed but by the sound of things they’ve developed a lot since then.

      Unfortunately I don’t really have much time for album reviews at the moment, but I’ll definitely try to get around to it as soon as possible.

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