Best Songs Of 2010 #2

Big Scary – Falling Away

“They say it’s good for the heart, they say it’s good for the mind, they say that people we love, we leave behind.”

Melbourne’s own Big Scary have had a rather busy 2010. They have released a staggering five EPs, the latter four of which have been compiled to form their debut album, ‘Four Seasons’. They are playing at the Falls Festival at the end of the year, have supported acts such as Hungry Kids Of Hungary and British India, and have even sold out their own headline show in Melbourne.

Big Scary are perfectly capable of writing a good old garage rock song, but the real strength in their songwriting is its diversity. Within the space of one live show they go from playing these rock songs, with Jo absolutely killing it on the drums, to soft piano ballads such as this song, Falling Away, with enviable ease, and it is this diversity that makes them so fascinating and so brilliant.

Despite their consistently brilliant material this year, for me nothing has close to Falling Away, off their first EP, ‘At The Mercy Of The Elements’. The duo have created something truly breathtaking in this track.

I guess you could say it is a pretty straight up keyboard ballad, but it’s also so much more. It’s a song for the heartbroken and those in love all at once. Tom’s voice is of course perfect, but I do the track a discredit by trying to describe it.

This is my favourite Australian song of this year, and nothing else was even close.

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