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Inspired And The Sleep ‘While We’re Young’

‘While We’re Young’ is the new single from Californian musician Max Greenhalgh, who has recently finished the recording of a solo album dubbed ‘Teenager’. Yeah, there’s a bit of a trend here. Naturally, the song is a melodic lofi pop number, but instead of being cliched it’s actually a fantastic example of summer music done right. With the warmer weather obviously on its way, we could all do with a bit more music like this.

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Last Minute Bright Eyes Sideshow

In a truly surprising move that is indicative of the complete lack of competent organisation of Harvest sideshows, Bright Eyes have announced that they will be playing a Melbourne sideshow a mere two weeks before hitting our shores. This is great news for fans of the band that can’t make it to the festival, given that this is heavily rumoured to be Bright Eyes’ last Australian tour.

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Gig Review: The Tallest Man On Earth @ The Corner Hotel, 25th October

Playing mostly gentle acoustic music to a packed Tuesday night crowd certainly isn’t the easiest gig in the world. Kristian Matsson, also deceptively known as The Tallest Man On Earth, made it look absurdly easy however, to the point where the crowd’s reaction can only be adequately described as that of hero worship.

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Snowy Belfast ‘Stones’

Snowy Belfast is a Melbourne six-piece band, and they play something of a mixture between folk, country, pop, and rock. Despite an abundance of band members and instruments (although apparently the new six-person lineup is ‘streamlined’), the band’s music always sounds very coherent and focused, which is typified by their latest single, ‘Stones’. Check it.

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APYS Turns 2, Which Is Like 21 In Blog Years

So today is the second anniversary of my blog, which is pretty crazy. It goes without saying that I never imagined And Pluck Your Strings would last this long or get as big as it has (which of course is still pretty small, but still), but I’m very glad that it has. It’s been a great hobby, and so long as I keep enjoying music just as much I see no reason why the next two years won’t be even better.

Anyway, instead of congratulating myself like I did for the anniversary last year, I’m going to try giving a few quick shout outs to the people who have helped me along the way.

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Step-Panther Interview

Here’s a quick chat I had with Jose, bassist and vocalist from Sydney up-and-comers Step-Panther. Their self-titled debut album is out November 4th on Speak N Spell through Inertia.

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