Step-Panther Interview

Here’s a quick chat I had with Jose, bassist and vocalist from Sydney up-and-comers Step-Panther. Their self-titled debut album is out November 4th on Speak N Spell through Inertia. While you’re at it, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Hey, how’s it going and where are you at the moment?
On my ‘puter at home.

Your debut album drops in a month, can we expect a similar kind of vibe to your earlier stuff?
Yeah sure, less surf, maybe some heavier or faster songs, some slow jams. Still Step-Panther-ish or -esque. You will weep.

The album is produced by Berkfinger of the Philly Jays, how did that partnership come about and how did you find working with him?
I was delivering Chinese food and Berkfinger ordered a lot. One thing lead to another and we all met up in Simon Carter’s shed and recorded an album. It was super fun and he’s a rad guy.

I know you played Big British Sound this year up at Sydney this year, out of curiosity what British cover song did you choose to play and why?
Blur – “Coffee and TV” – because it’s a bitching song. Umm and it met the criteria of being British. It was just fate I guess.

You’ve toured with some pretty sweet international bands, what is your favourite memory playing as a support act?
Having a good time, all the time.

And more generally, what’s your craziest experience on tour so far?
Regurgitator gig at Manning Bar. I passed out in the green room and had to get dragged onto a plane three hours later.

Judging from your Facebook page there seems to be a pretty tight knit group of up and coming Aussie indie bands at the moment who like to play shows together- the likes of Velociraptor, Millions, Dune Rats etc- is it a good community to be a part of?
I think so. It’s fun to play shows with your friends. Dune Rats are supporting us at our album launches in Sydney and Melbourne so let the good times roll.

Speaking of those bands and of course your own music, do you think we’re witnessing the resurgence of garage rock in Australia at the moment?
There are definitely more garage rock bands getting around. Maybe it’s a resurgence of weed and boredom.

What’s it like hearing your music backing a Zimmerman campaign?
Awesome, I watch that video every day with the door locked.

You guys have taken off like crazy on Triple J Unearthed, what are your thoughts on the new Unearthed radio station?
It’s sweet but I don’t have a digital radio so I can’t listen to it yet. Go figure.

And finally, what do you think the rest of the year holds in store for you?


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