Best Songs Of 2010 #14

Beach House – Used To Be

(Different Version To Album)

“As the sun grows high and you serve your time, does each day just feel like another lie?”

Beach House’s music is magical, and they definitely achieved a new high with 2010 release ‘Teen Dream’. Throughout the whole record there is a sense of being lost in the world and trying to find your place through the haze, and this is evident in Used To Be, a track which I feel has been a bit under appreciated amongst the many other heavy hitting songs of the album.

It’s a hypnotic song. Victoria’s voice is something otherworldly, dominating the track to great effect. Despite some upbeat instrumentation however, Used To Be is above all else a lonely song. I certainly wouldn’t call it depressing, but this also isn’t exactly road trip material.

That’s fine though, because Beach House have managed to capture something truly special with this song. I have no idea what it  literally means, but the fact that it resonates so strongly with me speaks to the power of Beach House as a band.

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