Best Songs Of 2010 #5

Bombay Bicycle Club – Ivy And Gold

(Different Version To Album)

“Waking, sitting upright, can’t explain the sunlight, wondering why you’re not home.”

Bombay Bicycle Club’s second album, ‘Flaws’, released earlier this year, was a big surprise. While their first album was angsty and brooding, in the space of one album they changed to a happy-go-lucky acoustic folk band without a care in the world.

It was a surprising move, and despite really liking their first album, I love their new sound. I mean they included a cover of Joanna Newsom on the album, that’s instant indie-cred right there. Even though some people have expressed their disappointment that the band have undertaken such a transformation with no in-between phase, when they make music as stunning as Ivy And Gold it is hard to complain.

I mean come on, this song is just so beautiful. The studio version is great, but this clip is one of my favourite music videos of the year, complete with dancing hipsters, burning beards with cigarettes, and plenty of whistling that seems like it is missing when you go back and listen to the studio version.

Sure the world has plenty of acoustic bands that play music similar to this, and sure Bombay Bicycle Club were perhaps onto something a little more unique with their first record, but personally I don’t think the world can ever have enough music like Ivy And Gold.

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