Best Songs Of 2010 #8

Dirty Gold – California Sunrise

“I’ve been sleeping far too long, hibernating from your love. California sunrise, come on and wake me up.”

Admittedly I only recently discovered this track from California’s Dirty Gold, however it is such an awesome song that I have no reservations whatsoever in calling it one of my favourite songs of the year.

The mystery that surrounds Dirty Gold is a part of their charm- we know pretty much nothing about them other than what is up on their Myspace page, and even this song has only been made available online via their bandcamp website. However it does have an awesome retro video clip to accompany it.

And I’ve long been a sucker for retro video clips and chilled summer tunes.

California Sunrise is the epitome of good summer music, illustrating that sunny songs don’t necessarily have to be fierce and upbeat. Instead this is a supremely relaxed song, but yet it still manages to come across as joyous and nostalgic.

Dirty Gold haven’t released any other songs, but they are definitely one to watch for in the future. California Sunrise is one of those songs you simply cannot stop listening to.

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