Best Songs Of 2010 #19

El Guincho – Bombay



When El Guincho’s, aka Spanish musician Pablo Díaz-Reixa’s, latest song emerged online earlier this year, all the attention was focused on the video clip. And this was perfectly understandable- it’s fucked up in all kinds of wonderful ways. But, if you can draw your attention away from whatever the hell is going on in the clip for just a while, you start to realise that there is a seriously great song underpinning all the action.

And this song is Bombay, lead single from El Guincho’s 2010 album ‘Pop Negro’. Pablo has been compared to Animal Collective’s Panda Bear in the way he makes his music, and even if these comparisons are quite justified, I honestly think I prefer El Guincho’s style.

While there is plenty of electronic experimentation here, ultimately the focus is on creating a fun and hook-filled song. The way El Guincho infuses his music with the exotic feel of the Caribbean, mostly through ample use of steel drums, but yet loses no accessibility, is phenomenal.

Add to this his soaring Spanish vocals, the aforementioned electronic elements, and one hell of a video clip, and you have summer encapsulated in a song.

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