Tom Rosenthal ‘Christmas Quiet’

Tom Rosenthal

Writing an indie Christmas song can come off as a bit cliche at times, as it seems like just about every independent musician in the world has tried it at some point or another. But when you’re as awesome as Tom Rosenthal is I’d say you can just about get away with it, and it doesn’t hurt when the song itself is absolutely beautiful. So get into the spirit with this new song from the UK-based musician, Christmas Quiet, which can be purchased from Bandcamp for a single pound.


  1. The Best Folky Christmas Songs of 2012 « Timber and Steel - December 24, 2012

    […] Rosenthal – Christmas Quiet I have to thank Lachy over at And Pluck Your Strings for bringing this sweet indie-folk Christmas song to my attention (also, you need to be reading his […]

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