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Gig Review: James Blake @ The Prince Bandroom, 26th July

James Blake’s live show comes with near-impossible expectations. He doesn’t play the type of music that is easy to transfer onto a live setting, and moreover he doesn’t play the type of music to which a crowd can give him any real immediate feedback, apart from nodding along slowly and clapping in between tracks. Indeed last night at the Prince Bandroom, I wasn’t quite sure whether the crowd as a whole had loved or hated his set until I heard snippets of conversation from people leaving including phrases such as “out of this world” and “most incredible show ever”.

More than anything my uncertainty as to the overall feelings towards the show were probably indicative of the fact that the crowd, for the better part of the night, had simply been in a trance, held captive by three men (but one in particular), unable to move or think properly without breaking the spell that James Blake had cast on an entire sold out Prince Bandroom crowd.

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I’lls’ ‘Take Higher Ground’

You’ve probably already been introduced to Melbourne band I’lls’, if not by this blog then by bigger players Who The Bloody Hell Are They, or Earmilk, or indeed the Parklife lineup this year, which featured some band called Ill’s before a suitable correction. The point is that they’re kind of big at the moment and, with the release of their newest song ‘Take Higher Ground’, this doesn’t look set to change anytime soon.

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Gig Review: Jinja Safari @ The Corner Hotel, 23rd July

It would take a cold, heartless person to not enjoy a Jinja Safari live show. The guys have come a long way since releasing their first single and subsequently opening the main stage of Splendour last year, but their genuine appreciation of their fans and their charismatic and fun-loving stage presence have remained. Last night they completed another chapter in their rise in Australian music, playing a thoroughly enjoyable set to a sold out Corner Hotel crowd.

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Review: San Cisco ‘Golden Revolver’

Perth teenage four-piece San Cisco have released their first EP, ‘Golden Revolver’, and it’s a killer debut full of singles, great pop tunes, and above all else an impressive amount of diversity. It manages the impossible task of sounding retro and modern; youthful and mature. There really is something here for pretty much anyone that appreciates indie pop music in any form.

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Harvest Festival (Finally) Officially Announced

As has been widely speculated, a new music festival is coming to Australia: The Harvest Festival. And the lineup is just as amazing as we have been expecting.

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