Pinback ‘Sherman’ And ‘Thee Srum Proggitt’

Californian indie rockers Pinback are coming to Australia for the first time this August, playing the following string of dates:

Wednesday 17th August
The Bakery, Perth

Thursday 18th August 
The Zoo, Brisbane

Saturday 20th August
Manning Bar, Sydney

Sunday 21st August
Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Ahead of these shows, have a listen to two new tracks from the band, Sherman and Thee Srum Proggitt.

Together the songs constitute the ‘Information Retrieved Part A’ 7″ that the band released for Record Day Store of this year, previously only available on vinyl. It is the first studio material we’ve heard from the band since 2007’s ‘Autumn Of The Seraphs’, and provides a taste of what is to come from their upcoming album ‘Information Retrieved’, which is due next year.

2 Responses to “Pinback ‘Sherman’ And ‘Thee Srum Proggitt’”

  1. Hey!
    How about NOT posting our entire EP here?

    • I received an email from Inertia Music encouraging me to share these songs with my readers via the exact streaming link that I used. Like I state at the top of my blog, all music posted here is designed to promote artists, however will of course be removed upon request. However as I’m sure you appreciate you have left this comment anonymously and the internet is a strange place, so if you are representing the band can I ask that you please send an email to me at and I’ll remove the stream of the two songs instantly. Thanks.

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