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Gig Review: Sufjan Stevens @ The Sydney Opera House, 28th January

“It’s a long life, only one last chance. Couldn’t get much better, do you wanna dance?”

Sufjan Stevens is basically my favourite person in the world, and I travelled up to Sydney from Melbourne for the sole purpose of seeing him play at the Opera House. Naturally, I thought this show was pretty much the best thing ever. It has already gone down as one of my favourite shows of all time and was among the best two hours of my life, completely justifying the trip up to Sydney and then some.

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Yves Klein Blue Have Broken Up

One of my favourite Australian bands, Yves Klein Blue, announced that they have broken up via their official Facebook page this morning.

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My Problems With The Hottest 100

Like a lot of people, I was quite disappointed with the Hottest 100 countdown this year, even moreso than I was expecting to be. Ultimately I understand that a countdown this big is never going to perfectly reflect one individual’s taste in music, and that my own taste in music is significantly different to your average Triple J listener, but I still think that there are a few problems with the system.

This is the first editorial-style piece I’ve done for the blog, so bear with me. At the very least perhaps this will spark some interesting debate, and I hope it makes for a good read. It is certainly not intended as a Triple J hater post, because I’m far from that. Anyway, here are some problems are some potential solutions that I have with the polling methodology of the Hottest 100.

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Second Sydney Big Day Out Review

“It almost feels like home.”

I wasn’t planning on going to the Big Day Out this year when I first saw the lineup. And I certainly could have never predicted that I would end up going to the Big Day Out in Sydney. However the stars aligned and the circumstances arose where I simply had to.

And I had a great time. In fact, I had a much better time than I was expecting. A sweltering day caused a lot of discomfort, and I maintain that the lineup was far from great, but ultimately all that matters is that it was a whole lot of fun.

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The Hot BBQ Review

On Saturday, thousands of people descended onto Portsea for what has been dubbed a ‘VIP Dance Party’ by mainstream media outlets for some reason, but was in fact the Hot BBQ Music Festival. Although the festival lineup boasted pretty much a who’s who of Triple J favourites at the moment, the festival itself was one of big hits and even bigger misses for me personally. This being said, it was still a good day.

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Gig Review: Bluejuice And Philadelphia Grand Jury @ The Eureka Hotel, 21st January

On Friday night both Bluejuice and Philadelphia Grand Jury absolutely demolished the Eureka Hotel as a part of their ‘Sizzling 2011’ tour. The night featured the best sets I have heard from each band respectively, which combined with some awesome mid-set music provided by Purple Sneakers DJs to create an amazing party atmosphere and an almost absurd amount of fun for one gig.

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