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So This Is What A Mashup Of ‘Clocks’ And ‘Chicago’ On A Violin Sounds Like

I’m not even sure where to begin with this. Basically, it’s a mashup of Coldplay’s ‘Clocks’ and Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Chicago’, all performed on violin by the one person, Joe Edmonds. Just watch.

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30 Day Song Challenge #30: Your Favourite Song At This Time Last Year

Seeing as I have nothing else to add about this perfect song, I may as well write briefly about my feelings towards the 30 Day Song Challenge overall.

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30 Day Song Challenge #1: Your Favourite Song

This has been my favourite song since the moment I first heard it, back in 2007. Whilst there has been a lot of movement in my preference for musical styles and bands in that time, this song has been one of the few constants.

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Gig Review: Sufjan Stevens @ The State Theatre, 31st January

“Hello, my name is Sufjan Stevens and I will be your entertainment for the night.”

I can safely say that I enjoyed this show just as much as the Opera House show, and that it was yet another simply magical and flawless set that left the entire crowd in awe of what we had witnessed and in little doubt that we had just seen one of the best musicians in the world.

It was so amazing and so special that even attempting to review it feels a little like trying to describe the indescribable. But here goes.

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Gig Review: Sufjan Stevens @ The Sydney Opera House, 28th January

“It’s a long life, only one last chance. Couldn’t get much better, do you wanna dance?”

Sufjan Stevens is basically my favourite person in the world, and I travelled up to Sydney from Melbourne for the sole purpose of seeing him play at the Opera House. Naturally, I thought this show was pretty much the best thing ever. It has already gone down as one of my favourite shows of all time and was among the best two hours of my life, completely justifying the trip up to Sydney and then some.

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