30 Day Song Challenge #30: Your Favourite Song At This Time Last Year

[Day 30: Your Favourite Song At This Time Last Year]

Sufjan Stevens – Chicago

Well, with the thirty day song challenge coming to a close, this prompt brings things back full circle rather nicely. For my favourite song at this time last year was also my favourite song ever as explained for the very first day of the challenge. Sufjan Stevens’ Chicago has been my favourite song for the better part of five years, and it is only fitting to end this challenge with it, just like how the challenge began.

Seeing as I have nothing else to add about this perfect song, I may as well write briefly about my feelings towards the 30 Day Song Challenge overall. Personally I really enjoyed it. The prompts were pretty clever and encouraged a certain degree of introspection about my own taste in music and even my own life. There were some weaker points however, most notably the “A Song That You Listen To When You’re Feeling [Insert Emotion Here]” prompts, and I would have liked to see these replaced with songs that remind you of particular seasons.

As a part of the challenge I’ve also completely ruined the perception that I have cool taste in music, with posts including songs from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smash Mouth, Dream Theater, and most notably Counting Crows. Oh well.

As far as the one post per day thing, I actually managed to keep to this perfectly, much to my own surprise. This has led to the most productive month for my blog in a while, both in terms of volume of posts and hits. The only way I managed to stick to one post per day was by queuing up song challenge posts whenever I got some spare time (it’s no coincidence that a lot of them came out at midnight). SHUT UP IT STILL COUNTS.

The response has been really great as well, most song challenge posts have got plenty of hits and I think I’ve actually inspired a few other people to start the challenge as well which is very cool. I’m kind of going to miss having these posts to fall back on when I’m looking for content, but equally this has shown me that it’s possible to post much more regularly than I used to, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep that up to some extent.

Anyway that just about does it for the challenge. I guess I win? If you’ve enjoyed reading these posts and/or want me to do more of this personal/vulnerable stuff with APYS, then by all means let me know. Otherwise it looks like it will be back to pretty much regular service as of tomorrow. It’s been a lot of fun, thanks to anyone that’s read and enjoyed a song challenge post, especially those that have chosen to start up the challenge themselves.

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