Best Songs Of 2010 #15

Girl Talk – This Is The Remix

“Come on, tear the roof off.”

Where to even start with this track? Girl Talk, aka Gregg Michael Gillis, released his latest album ‘All Day’ for free online out of nowhere late this year, and it immediately broke the internet with sheer demand. This says a lot about the popularity of the mashup DJ.

To put it simply, this is because no-one in the world does what Girl Talk does better than Girl Talk. He just has a knack for making a lot of very uncool music (for me anyway) supremely cool. Never is this more obvious than in this track, This Is The Remix, one of the forgotten gems from ‘All Day’.

Over the six minutes, Girl Talk samples exactly 34 songs. That he does this but yet the end result is so coherent is in itself nothing short of amazing. While there are many great moments in this song, such as mashups involving The Clash, Gensis, U2, The Jackson 5, Lady Gaga and The Beastie Boys, the track is in my best songs of 2010 almost solely because of the use of Simon And Garfunkel’s Cecilia.

Beginning at 3:40 is simply the coolest thing I have ever heard. I challenge anyone to listen to this portion of the song without turning the volume up to absolute maximum. It is a minute of music that transcends any of the singular songs involved, creating a sound that seems completely natural and so very, very awesome.

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