Inspired And The Sleep ‘Spar Helm’

And Pluck Your Strings has been on board with Californian band Inspired And The Sleep for a while now, mostly because every single song they do is fucking awesome. It’s been a long wait, but the guys have finally dropped their album ‘Teenager’, from which we’ve been hearing individual tracks for a while now. True to form, the album is absolutely fantastic, and is already one of my favourite releases of the year, featuring familiar numbers such as While We’re Young and Running. There are plenty of gems among the new songs as well however, most notably Spar Helm, the album closer. It shows a bit of a different, quieter, and more introverted side to the band, but it still has the same sense of escapism and warm sunshine that makes all their music so enjoyable. Listen (and download) that track below, and grab the whole album for a minimum of $1 via Bandcamp.

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