Best Songs Of 2010 #17

Last Dinosaurs – Honolulu

“The future, the future yeah it stays true.”

So yeah, I knew and liked this song last year, but it was only officially released this year, as part of Last Dinosaurs’ EP ‘Back From The Dead’. Shut up, it still counts. And besides, these guys deserve all the exposure I can give them, and I’ve listened to this track, Honolulu, a hell of a lot this year.

The official video clip (not shown here due to embedding being disabled) may be super low budget and slightly annoying at times, but the song is simply great. I’ve seen them lives quite a few times this year, but easily their most impressive set was at Splendour In The Grass, where they got an enormous crowd dancing and jumping along to this, their signature track.

Hailing from Brisbane, Last Dinosaurs have experienced a simply massive 2010, beginning with the release of this EP and including performances opening for bands such as Yves Klein Blue and Cloud Control. Yet from the few times I’ve seen them live and the one time I’ve chatted with them after a show, they genuinely do just seem to be enjoying the ride, rather than getting caught up in what the future might hold.

And this is reflected perfectly in their music. This is carefree fun, and the youth of everyone involved in the song really does shine through.

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