The Griswolds ‘The Courtship Of Summer Preasley’

One of the year’s big breakout Australian bands has been The Griswolds. The Sydney band make the type of music that’s supremely easy to enjoy and very difficult to hate, and their debut single Mississippi accordingly received a ton of airplay and even more love. They proved it wasn’t a fluke with the followup Heart Of A Lion, but now we’ve finally got a chance to see what the band can really do with the release of their debut EP. As well as the aforementioned two tracks there are a further two new numbers here, and The Courtship Of Summer Preasley really caught my attention as yet another great, upbeat, joyous pop song. Even though I have no idea what the name means. Have a listen below and purchase the EP in full here.

One Response to “The Griswolds ‘The Courtship Of Summer Preasley’”

  1. Saw these guys in Canberra recently and they rocked it. Quality EP – look forward to catching them again soon.

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