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APYS Turns 2, Which Is Like 21 In Blog Years

So today is the second anniversary of my blog, which is pretty crazy. It goes without saying that I never imagined And Pluck Your Strings would last this long or get as big as it has (which of course is still pretty small, but still), but I’m very glad that it has. It’s been a great hobby, and so long as I keep enjoying music just as much I see no reason why the next two years won’t be even better.

Anyway, instead of congratulating myself like I did for the anniversary last year, I’m going to try giving a few quick shout outs to the people who have helped me along the way.

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Happy Birthday APYS

So, And Pluck Your Strings turned one today. I can barely believe where this blog is now, considering it started on a whim when I was home from uni one day. Back then I would be thrilled with 5 hits a day, and now I’m averaging well above 200, which I’m sure would seem tiny […]

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Announcement: The Next Few Days

So I’ve got a busy couple of days coming up, Mumford And Sons tomorrow night and then flying up to Brisbane (very) early the next morning for Splendour In The Grass. Because of this obviously there won’t be any new posts over the weekend. The plan is to do a very quick writeup of the […]

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And Pluck Your Strings On Facebook

Here it is. Use it stay up to date with the blog through everybody’s favourite privacy-invading social networking platform.

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Happy Christmas From Pluck

I hope you all have an awesome Christmas and New Year’s. I am heading down to Tasmania on the 26th, for the Falls Music Festival, which features huge names such as Grizzly Bear and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as well as some of my favourite Australian acts, such as Yves Klein Blue and The John Steel […]

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