APYS Turns 2, Which Is Like 21 In Blog Years

So today is the second anniversary of my blog, which is pretty crazy. It goes without saying that I never imagined And Pluck Your Strings would last this long or get as big as it has (which of course is still pretty small, but still), but I’m very glad that it has. It’s been a great hobby, and so long as I keep enjoying music just as much I see no reason why the next two years won’t be even better.

Anyway, instead of congratulating myself like I did for the anniversary last year, I’m going to try giving a few quick shout outs to the people who have helped me along the way.

I’m shit with thank yous, but I owe so much to so many people that I’ll do my best. A huge thanks to Tony, Andrew, and Alex, my first regular commentors who have been with me from the start, as have my friends, especially Tim, Nick, Luke, Callum, Patty, Mark, and Parky, who have been very supportive in leaving comments and giving me feedback in real life and whatnot.

This blog wouldn’t still be going without the support of other bloggers: it’s a really amazing community and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it, so to all my blogging friends thank you very much for your support and amazing work, especially Lauren, Jeremy, Sabi, Amy, Miks, Bianca, Evan, and Giselle. Thanks to the PR peeps who first paid any attention to me, Will and Stephen, and to every publicist that has since. I sometimes complain about receiving tons of emails but in reality it’s a pretty nice ego boost.

Thanks to all the bands that have sent me their music, whether or not I got around to posting it, and a huge thank you to those who gave me interviews and endured my awkwardness, most notably international acts Foster The People and Grouplove, that was a massive buzz for me. Thanks to the two people who have done cheeky guest posts over the years, Luke and Denham. And a special thanks to Erin, who manages the social media for The Corner Hotel and has been very kind with posting some of my stuff and just generally being awesome.

But finally, to end on a corny note, thank you to every single one of you that have visited this blog, especially those who have commented, liked, emailed, retweeted, PR’ed, replied, linked, followed, subscribed, and all that other fun Web 2.0 stuff. It really does mean a lot to me.

2 Responses to “APYS Turns 2, Which Is Like 21 In Blog Years”

  1. Happy birthday mate! Keep up the good work :)

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