Snowy Belfast ‘Stones’

Snowy Belfast is a Melbourne six-piece band, and they play something of a mixture between folk, country, pop, and rock. Despite an abundance of band members and instruments (although apparently the new six-person lineup is ‘streamlined’), the band’s music always sounds very coherent and focused, which is typified by their latest single, Stones. Check it.

It’s a really great track. Most impressively, it doesn’t build up into a euphoric climax like a lot of music of this nature, but instead ebbs and flows throughout its three-and-a-half minute duration, never settling into a rhythm but instead constantly growing and shrinking. No one element is ever overpowering however, and the song itself is mellow and somewhat relaxing, albeit powerful. Definitely a band to keep on eye on.

Snowy Belfast launch the single at The Espy on November 11th, with free entry. Check them on Facebook.

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