Best Songs Of 2010 #4

Local Natives – World News

“As you think, the bad feeling so bad makes the good so good.”

Pre-emptive strike: I know ‘Gorilla Manor’ was released in some parts of the world at the end of last year, and I know this song was floating around for a while before then, but it was only officially released in studio form in Australia in January of this year, and I only discovered it this year. So, it counts.

This is one of those rare songs that tells a story but yet does not lose any of its musical drive or hooks. My interpretation of the song is that it is about a person who is struggling to deal with the little problems of life, such as how the lane next over is always faster, only to have the world put in perspective by a news report about a bomb going off in a Sunni market.

It’s a powerful message and a resonating story, and it is told with such flair that it makes for one of my favourite songs of the year. Local Natives are onto a musical style that doesn’t sound like much else going around at the moment, and it’s paying off. They’re like an anti-Chillwave band. They are ultra hip, but yet they achieve this with warm, lush music and harmonies, rather than sparse instrumentation and general shitness like many other bands at the moment.

That chorus is just so catchy, and the final refrain of “Goooooood!” so triumphant. There isn’t really a lead singer of Local Natives, and their harmonising serves to create some truly spectacular moments, especially on this track. In an album full of great songs this is easily my favourite, and I can’t see myself taking it out of heavy rotation anytime soon.

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