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Boy And Bear @ The Forum, 18th Of May

It seems like an eternity ago when I saw a bunch of nervous guys play their first ever festival set in a cramped tent at Homebake. Since then Boy And Bear’s rise in Australian music has been nothing short of meteoric, and at no time has this been more clear than last night, when they played the second of two sold out shows at The Forum in Melbourne. And it was immediately obvious that the band have polished their live act to the point now where they are perfectly comfortable with playing a one and a half hour set in front of thousands of people, which it really didn’t seem like they were as little as a year ago. I guess you can call Boy And Bear an accomplished live Australian band now, and sure enough this show was pretty hard to find fault in.

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Gig Review: M83 @ The Prince Bandroom, 3rd February

If there was ever a time to see M83 live it is now. Armed both with material from their critically acclaimed and insanely popular 2011 double-album, as well as choice numbers from their older records, the band put on an exhilarating and powerful live show at the perfect venue of the Prince Bandroom to an adoring crowd.

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Gig Review: Boy And Bear @ The Corner Hotel, 27th May

Last night Boy And Bear played a flawless set of death folk to a packed Corner Hotel crowd that more than justified their meteoric rise in Australian music, very ably supported by the always wonderful Jinja Safari.

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Splendour Ticketing Update

This has been a day of high drama for punters keen to secure tickets to Australia’s premier music festival Splendour In The Grass, and the organisers have just released this statement in response to some of the difficulties facing prospective Splendour-goers.

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Gig Review: Eddie Vedder @ The Palais, 25th March

Eddie Vedder walks calmly onto the Palais Theatre Stage. He is wearing relaxed and slightly bohemian clothes, almost like a mere mortal. Fitting this, the stage is setup like a really rich busker’s haunt, with about twenty different guitars surrounding one solitary chair and microphone at front and center.

The crowd goes wild. It’s a curious crowd as well, mostly consisting of diehard Pearl Jam fans wearing tour shirts from ten years ago and looking out of place without a mosh pit, with a smattering of hipsters lured out by the promise of material from Vedder’s ‘Into The Wild’ soundtrack.

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Gig Review: Sufjan Stevens @ The Sydney Opera House, 28th January

“It’s a long life, only one last chance. Couldn’t get much better, do you wanna dance?”

Sufjan Stevens is basically my favourite person in the world, and I travelled up to Sydney from Melbourne for the sole purpose of seeing him play at the Opera House. Naturally, I thought this show was pretty much the best thing ever. It has already gone down as one of my favourite shows of all time and was among the best two hours of my life, completely justifying the trip up to Sydney and then some.

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