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Review: Pearl Jam ‘Twenty’

Last night I saw the Pearl Jam documentary ‘Twenty’ in a movie theater half-full with diehard fans of the band, including two people who had obviously confused the event with a concert and booked seats in the center of the front row. Directed by (and told through the point of view of) Cameron Crowe, a man just as interesting as the bands that he documents, this movie is brilliant, surprisingly powerful, and very interesting. But despite this it’s still strictly just for fans, which is perhaps why it only appeared in cinemas for the one night.

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Eddie Vedder Melbourne Bootlegs

Fan-made bootleg recordings have surfaced from Eddie Vedder’s two recent Melbourne solo shows. To say I’m happy about this would be an understatement: the show I went to was so utterly special and magical that it could not possibly be relived through studio recordings, especially seeing as many of the songs Eddie played do not exist in studio form (at least not in the style he played them).

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Album Review: Eddie Vedder ‘Ukulele Songs’

Not any rock ‘n roll frontman could pull off a solo record like ‘Ukulele Songs’, but then Eddie Vedder isn’t just any rock ‘n roll frontman.

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Gig Review: Eddie Vedder @ The Palais, 25th March

Eddie Vedder walks calmly onto the Palais Theatre Stage. He is wearing relaxed and slightly bohemian clothes, almost like a mere mortal. Fitting this, the stage is setup like a really rich busker’s haunt, with about twenty different guitars surrounding one solitary chair and microphone at front and center.

The crowd goes wild. It’s a curious crowd as well, mostly consisting of diehard Pearl Jam fans wearing tour shirts from ten years ago and looking out of place without a mosh pit, with a smattering of hipsters lured out by the promise of material from Vedder’s ‘Into The Wild’ soundtrack.

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Gig Review: Pearl Jam, Etihad Stadium, 20th November

Warning: What follows is nothing short of an essay, and can probably only be appreciated by other Pearl Jam fans. On Friday night, Pearl Jam played a gig in front of 50,000 people at Etihad Stadium. And, what a gig it was.

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