Eddie Vedder Melbourne Bootlegs

Fan-made bootleg recordings have surfaced from Eddie Vedder’s two recent Melbourne solo shows. To say I’m happy about this would be an understatement: the show I went to was so utterly special and magical that it could not possibly be relived through studio recordings, especially seeing as many of the songs Eddie played do not exist in studio form (at least not in the style he played them).

I stumbled onto these live bootlegs of the show via the guitars101 forums, so mad props to user ‘popmuzik’ for putting me onto them. I have no idea whether he was the original capper or not, and there isn’t an info file included in the bootleg, but I’m forever indebted to whoever recorded this and made it publicly available. 

The quality is what you would expect from a fan-made recording. It certainly isn’t great, but it is very very listenable and the recording serves as a great way of reliving what was a simply divine experience. Check out the recording of Man Of The Hour, one of my favourite songs of the night, from the show I attended, on the 25th of March.

You can download the full bootlegs here: 24th of March and 25th of March.

3 Responses to “Eddie Vedder Melbourne Bootlegs”

  1. Tried to download it a few times my mac cant read the file, any tips for me?

  2. Thankyou so very much

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