Yves Klein Blue Have Broken Up

One of my favourite Australian bands, Yves Klein Blue, announced that they have broken up via their official Facebook page this morning.

“Yves Klein Blue broke up because of creative differences some time in the second half of 2010, after 5 years together. We grew up and apart. We now live in different cities and pursue our respective vocations to our utmost capacity.

We leave behind 1 full length album and 2 EPs in the hope that you will remember us through that body of work. Thank you for singing along.

We remain hopeful for the future.”

I’m absolutely shattered, even if this has been coming for a while. Some of my fondest gig memories come from Yves Klein Blue shows, not the least of which is the Corner Hotel stage invasion, singing Getting Wise on stage with my arm around Michael.

The band leave us with memories such as this, as well as a truly brilliant album in ‘Ragged And Ecstatic’. I’ve seen them live seven times in total, and although I’m greatly disappointed that I won’t see them again, you have to respect that a band not happy together won’t make good music anyway, so perhaps this is for the best.

Yves Klein Blue will be sorely, sorely missed.

One Response to “Yves Klein Blue Have Broken Up”

  1. This is one band I never got to see live. Very disappointing.

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