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Harvest Festival Review

To say the shit hit the fan in the leadup to the Melbourne Harvest Festival would be an understatement. We witnessed timetabling problems, the promoter pissing off his headline act, transport dilemmas, sideshow inconsistencies, you name it. However the beauty of a great music festival is that, come the day itself, all the periphery stuff seems to just fade away and all that matters is the music.

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Luke’s Splendour Escapades

After a surprisingly short hour and forty-five minute flight, then an hour or so bus trip which I spent sharing alcoholic beverages with some new friends whom I had just met, Lachy and I arrived at Woodfordia for Splendour In The Grass… and I was in the mood and raring to go for an epic weekend.

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Splendour In The Grass Day Two Review

While Day One of Splendour In The Grass had been full to the brim with amazing music, timetable clashes, and rushing between stages with very little down time, Day Two for me was much more relaxed. I do think there were perhaps a few timetabling issues that could have been handled better, but ultimately this was just a personal preference thing: there wasn’t a whole heap of music I wanted to see during Day Two. It certainly wasn’t a bad thing, as it allowed for time to fully explore the festival grounds and really take in the atmosphere.

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Laneway Review

Yesterday, my favourite Australian one-day music festival, Laneway, returned to Melbourne. With a lineup boasting a wide variety of big international acts as well as a few nice surprises, and considering that the festival remained at the same excellent venue as last year (the Footscray Community Arts Centre), Laneway this year looked to be as close to a sure thing as you could possibly get.

And perhaps this is part of the reason why, looking back on my day, I am ever so slightly disappointed. However it’s probably only natural that the festival didn’t meet my lofty expectations after the absurdly good day I had last year, and all in all I still had a great day that was well worth the money, albeit scattered with a few let-downs.

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Second Sydney Big Day Out Review

“It almost feels like home.”

I wasn’t planning on going to the Big Day Out this year when I first saw the lineup. And I certainly could have never predicted that I would end up going to the Big Day Out in Sydney. However the stars aligned and the circumstances arose where I simply had to.

And I had a great time. In fact, I had a much better time than I was expecting. A sweltering day caused a lot of discomfort, and I maintain that the lineup was far from great, but ultimately all that matters is that it was a whole lot of fun.

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The Hot BBQ Review

On Saturday, thousands of people descended onto Portsea for what has been dubbed a ‘VIP Dance Party’ by mainstream media outlets for some reason, but was in fact the Hot BBQ Music Festival. Although the festival lineup boasted pretty much a who’s who of Triple J favourites at the moment, the festival itself was one of big hits and even bigger misses for me personally. This being said, it was still a good day.

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