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Big Day Out Lineup Dissected

By now you’ve probably heard the first announcement of the Big Day Out 2012 lineup. It’s not to my personal taste, and that’s fine, it was probably never really going to be. What is of more concern however it just how much of the lineup thus far consists of regurgitated acts who tour Australia every other year. Just how boring, safe, and predictable is this lineup? Let’s take a look.

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Luke’s Splendour Escapades

After a surprisingly short hour and forty-five minute flight, then an hour or so bus trip which I spent sharing alcoholic beverages with some new friends whom I had just met, Lachy and I arrived at Woodfordia for Splendour In The Grass… and I was in the mood and raring to go for an epic weekend.

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Splendour Eleventh Hour Rumours

The 2011 Splendour lineup will be announced tomorrow morning, however this hasn’t stopped everyone speculating like crazy over the last couple of days.

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