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San Cisco ‘Rocket Ship’

When I first heard San Cisco’s EP ‘Golden Revolver’ early last year I had the feeling that I’d be hearing a lot more of the Perth band very soon, but to be honest I had no idea just how much or just how soon. The band’s recent single Awkward was a career-maker, polling in at number seven on some countdown I’ve never heard of before and earning the band a huge following around the country that has seen them all but sell out their current national tour. Well San Cisco are back with the second taste of their upcoming ‘Awkward’ EP, ‘Rocket Ship’.

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San Cisco ‘Awkward’

If you read my review of San Cisco’s excellent debut EP ‘Golden Revolver’ then you already know that I’m kind of a big fan of the teenage Perth band. It should come as no surprise then that I also really like their latest song (I think it’s been floating around for a while but I must have missed it), ‘Awkward’. The track is the first single from their upcoming second EP, which was recorded in Melbourne with producer Steven Schram, responsible for a few small bands like Little Red and The Cat Empire. Anyway, enough foreplay, check it out.

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Review: San Cisco ‘Golden Revolver’

Perth teenage four-piece San Cisco have released their first EP, ‘Golden Revolver’, and it’s a killer debut full of singles, great pop tunes, and above all else an impressive amount of diversity. It manages the impossible task of sounding retro and modern; youthful and mature. There really is something here for pretty much anyone that appreciates indie pop music in any form.

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