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Watch Two New Radiohead Songs

Just in case you needed another reason to be excited for Radiohead’s upcoming Australian tour, last night the band played a gig in Miami where they featured not one but two new songs in a massive 24-song set. You can watch videos of both tracks, ’Identikit’ and ’Cut A Hole’, below, thanks to BPM.

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Some UK Band Announce Small Australian Tour

For once the crazy rumours were right: Radiohead are touring Australia this year. That’s really all there is to say I suppose, especially because this news is already everywhere. Of interest however is that fact that apparently no new shows will be added to the dates already announced, so it seems like if you miss out, tough.

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‘The King Of Limbs’ First Impressions

Whilst it is true that albums have to be considered within the cultural context in which they are produced, I also think it is important to look at whether an album is enjoyable to listen to or not as the primary indicator of whether it is a good record. In this regard, I think I am perhaps more capable than some in writing an unbiased piece on ‘The King Of Limbs’, if only because I didn’t share some of the incredibly lofty expectations of others going into its release. So here goes.

In short, I like it.

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New Radiohead Album Drops This Saturday

Out of nowhere, like few other bands their size could, Radiohead have announced that their new album, ‘The King Of Limbs’ will be available for download this Saturday. Yes, this Saturday.

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Videos: Conan O’Brien Covering ‘Creep’

Taken from the soundcheck of Conan’s standup show in Eugene Oregon. Hilarious.

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My 50 Favourite Albums (And EPs) Of The Decade

Well all the cool kids are doing it. So, looking back on the decade that was, here are my top 50 recordings from 2000-2009. Regular Pluck readers will notice that there are some inconsistencies with my Best Albums Of 2009, this is because when looking back on a decade, I am thinking of albums that […]

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