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Watch Two New Radiohead Songs

Just in case you needed another reason to be excited for Radiohead’s upcoming Australian tour, last night the band played a gig in Miami where they featured not one but two new songs in a massive 24-song set. You can watch videos of both tracks, ’Identikit’ and ’Cut A Hole’, below, thanks to BPM.

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Videos: Acoustic Freelance Whales

I’ve been in love with New York outfit Freelance Whales for a while now, and they are due to re-release their rather excellent debut album ‘Weathervanes’ in a few days. Although there’s nothing new for people who already have the album, the possibility of grabbing it in LP form is very tempting indeed. But anyway […]

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Videos: Franz Ferdinand And Phoenix

I’m going to make this a regular topic hopefully: whenever I go to a gig I like to check out video footage filmed by other concert-goers as a way of reliving the experience and perhaps seeing it from a different perspective in the crowd. So I’m going to start posting some of my favourite fan-made […]

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