Videos: Franz Ferdinand And Phoenix

I’m going to make this a regular topic hopefully: whenever I go to a gig I like to check out video footage filmed by other concert-goers as a way of reliving the experience and perhaps seeing it from a different perspective in the crowd. So I’m going to start posting some of my favourite fan-made videos of concerts I have been to, starting with last week’s two epic gigs, Franz Ferdinand at The Forum and Phoenix at Festival Hall.

Franz Ferdinand, This Fire, The Forum, 3rd March

Uploader: AmyW752

Video Quality: B+

Comments: Even if the quality isn’t the best in terms of audio, this video perfectly captures the atmosphere of sheer insanity at the front of the Franz Ferdinand gig, and I love how you can hear the crowd singing clearly and even see the camera-person getting shoved around like every single person there. Alex crowd-surfing is also amazing.

Franz Ferdinand, Take Me Out, The Forum, 3rd March

Uploader: zegoat3

Video Quality: B+

Comments: This one is a bit more removed from the action, allowing for a steady shot, and for you to observe the craziness of the mosh from afar. Good audio and a great viewing angle make this video well worthwhile, whether you were at the front of the gig or the back.

Phoenix, Girlfriend, Festival Hall, 5th March

Uploader: Kahleeea

Video Quality: A+

Comments: About as good as a fan-made concert can get in terms of quality. Right from the barrier, looking directly at Thomas, an absolutely awesome clip. Doesn’t really capture the energy at the front but it looks like it easily could have been professionally filmed and it is available in high-definition, so who cares?

Phoenix, Lisztomania, Festival Hall, 5th March

Uploader: lisawakeup

Video Quality: A

Comments: Perfectly captures the atmosphere of the very beginning of Phoenix’s gig, from a location at the barrier right near where I was, which is cool. I love being able to hear the whole crowd singing along with Thomas. Great video.

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