You Have To Hear: MGMT ‘Congratulations’

Two new MGMT songs have made it onto the Internet today, one which was intended to, Flash Delirium, and one which I believe leaked, title song Congratulations from the upcoming album, due for release April 13th.

Flash Delirium is available as a free download from the band’s website, and is pretty cool, but all my attention is focused on the leaked track, which is absolutely sublime. All doubts I had about this album have vanished.

I won’t host it here for fear of MGMT’s record label, which has been vicious in containing the leak so far, but check it out here while you still can. Wow. It is very different, but wow.

One Response to “You Have To Hear: MGMT ‘Congratulations’”

  1. ha. I just stumpleuponed this pretty sweet event where you can find the MGMTmobile. Seems pretty crazy. Check it out

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