New Radiohead Album Drops This Saturday

Out of nowhere, like few other bands their size could, Radiohead have announced that their new album, ‘The King Of Limbs’ will be available for download this Saturday. Yes, this Saturday.

At the moment only presale details are available- you can order either the digital download for US$9 or a collector’s edition ‘Newspaper Album’ complete  with two vinyls and a whole heap of other shit for US$48. Whilst a lot of attention will no doubt be focused on the fact that the band have ditched the much-hyped ‘pick your price’ system of ‘In Rainbows’, I think what they are doing is still very clever.

They have effectively monetised the online leak of their album. Whilst those who preordered either option will be sent a download link this Saturday, the hard copy portion of the ‘Newspaper Album’ won’t be shipped until the 9th of May, following a standard retail version being released in the UK on the 28th of March.

In other words, in the same move, Radiohead have both managed to take a slight jab at physical copies of music (presumably the term ‘newspaper album’ is a nod to the fact that the band thinks both mediums are dying), and ensure that hundreds of thousands of people will feel compelled to order a physical copy of their music, given the sheer collector’s value and the fact that it includes a preemptive download of the album.

The name ‘The King Of Limbs’ is apparently taken from a tree near Tottenham Court House, where Radiohead have been known to record some of their music. Both album name and album artwork give very little away about the content of the record, and we don’t even know the tracklist yet. All we know is that we’ll all be listening to it, together, all around the world, come this Saturday.

And in this day and age, that is something that the band should be commended for.

4 Responses to “New Radiohead Album Drops This Saturday”

  1. Do you read Pitchfork by any chance?
    Not having a go or anything, just noticed the similarities between your comments of “monetising the leak” and the notion of everyone listening to it together.

    Not even sure what the former means to be honest.

    Although I too commend Radiohead – they sure know how to launch a surprise, and keep a secret.

    • Yeah I did read that article, although I’d been thinking about the monetising the leak thing prior to doing so- I just think it’s clever that they’re releasing the online version significantly before the retail version given the assumption that everything will leak online before it is released in shops anyway- and everyone was talking about that in regards to ‘In Rainbows’ as well. This isn’t the most original article I’ve written obviously, it’s more just meant to be an informative piece about the album. Not trying to sound too defensive, because reading back on this post you certainly do have a point, I’m just trying to explain where I got my own views on the album from.

      • No that’s alright haha, I wasn’t accusing you of plagiarism or anything. I’ve read an idea and expanded on it elsewhere, most bloggers probably have, nothing wrong with it usually.

        I see what you mean though now – by releasing it digitally first and quickly they can reach a larger market than if it leaked and people caved in and downloaded it. Which is usually what happens when things are released physically first.


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