From A Place I’d Rather Be

I’m such a sucker for Corona commercials. Sure they ‘re sappy and cliched, but the production values are always sky-high, and they have impeccable music selection that perfectly compliments their brand.

First, there was Jon Swift’s Run River. After being featured on a far-reaching Corona ad, the song has become a bit of a cult classic, and has been released by Jon on the simply titled album ’15 Songs By Jon Swift’, a compilation of his demo tapes up until 2001. Since then he’s gone from strength to strength, releasing two other full-length albums and even soundtracking a feature movie.

Jon Swift – Run River

It’s hardly surprising that I’ve also been rather taken by a new(ish) Corona ad doing the rounds in Australia at the moment. A quick Google lyrics search later, and I found that the song in question is called Miles Away, by Californian band Years Around The Sun. It is very much in the mold of Jon Swift’s track- it’s surfy, acoustic, and very very chilled.

Years Around The Sun- Miles Away

And our minds were meant to sail
Take a rest from our thoughts
Take a break from this world
And we’ll feel miles away
From the places that we used to be

This is another really great song, and I’m glad to have discovered both Jon Swift and Years Around The Sun, even if it was only through corny ads. There’s definitely something to be said for melodic acoustic music like this.

Jon Swift: Website | Myspace | Facebook
Years Around The Sun: Website | Myspace | Facebook

3 Responses to “From A Place I’d Rather Be”


    First Arcade Fire win a grammy, then Radiohead start charging for music, and now APYS does a blog on…mass-produced swill using new music for marketing. Is APYS still independent, or Corona-funded? Any blogs on the hipster-qualities of Strongbow, CUB, Nestle, or any car company on earth? This is lame, it is you selling-out, and it is sad.

    Shame. Shame. Shame. Now go write for AdFreak

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