I Guess There’s Too Many Questions And Never Enough Time. There’s Never Enough Time

I miss you Yves Klein Blue.

You were fun and happy and awesome. You were my favourite Australian band and one of the best live acts I have ever seen.

Some of my fondest gig memories come from your shows, such as in Sydney when your lead singer was crowdsurfed out of the venue after you had demolished the festival, while a very drunk and unappealing girl continually tried to dance with my mate, swearing loudly at him when he refused.

Your show at the Corner Hotel last year was one of the best few hours of my life, and I will never forget it, especially that stage invasion. I have two signed posters of yours hanging on the top of my bedroom wall but funnily enough they started to fall off slightly the moment you announced your beakup, probably because of the heat and my ineffective means of sticking them on the wall.

Still, symbology and shit.

I feel that your lyrics could define a generation, and I still think they kind of do. I talked to your drummer after a show and he was pissed someone had stolen his drumstick. Then many weeks later on a tram I randomly overheard someone talking about how he had stolen it from the stage, and if I was a more confrontational person I probably would have told him how pissed off your drummer was about it.

Down at Tassie for the Falls Festival a couple of years ago I remember seeing you instead of Grizzly Bear, a decision that friends laughed at. I had no regrets after your fantastic performance though, especially when your lead singer looked at me in the front of the crowd and said “I can see there’s some people from Melbourne here”. That made me feel pretty awesome, even though I never got a chance to confirm it was in fact me that he was looking at.

I met your lead singer and spilt his beer over someone else’s poster due to a mixture of fanboyness and a state of shock after the stage invasion. I was too excited to even apologise to whoever’s poster it was, I must have seemed like a real dickhead. But I talked to your lead singer and he agreed it was the best gig ever, so nothing else really mattered. I got a photo with him but it came out really badly. I told myself not to worry, there would be another chance. I guess not.

One of my most prized possessions is a setlist of yours on a paper plate. I got it from the Franz Ferdinand gig when you opened. Your lead singer threw it right to me but I dropped it in excitement, only to have the nice girls in front of me give it to me because they had heard me singing along to every song. It is signed by your lead singer, and I held it aloft throughout the entirety of the insane Franz Ferdinand mosh. It survived surprisingly well.

Your same lead singer was spotted dancing to LCD Soundsystem at Splendour in the Grass, in the VIP Section surrounded by unamused photographers. But he did not give a fuck, and danced like a beast in front of a crowd of thousands. Everyone else was focused on James Murphy, but my eyes kept on flicking back and forth.

This is one of your lesser-known songs, 19, from your EP ‘Yves Klein Blue Draw Attention To Themselves’. I heard it live in Sydney, and was later told by one of your band members that it was the only time it has ever been played live. That made me feel special. I guess it’s the only time it will ever be played live now.

If I had my time again I’d tell that tool to give you your drumstick back, and I’d apologise for spilling that beer. Your lead singer was chill about it though. For a band with such a short lifespan you have created so many amazing memories, and when I’m a grown man I only hope I don’t forget exactly how I felt in those moments.

2 Responses to “I Guess There’s Too Many Questions And Never Enough Time. There’s Never Enough Time”

  1. The one band I’d love to have seen live but never did ;(


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