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2012 So Far: Essential EPs

For some reason I’ve found myself listening to more EPs and fewer albums this year, especially when it comes to Australian music. It’s little wonder really, given how many great new bands have appeared on the scene this year, many of whom have released their debut EP recently. In fact of this list I believe all but two EPs are from bands who are yet to release a full-length record, which says a lot about just how many newly-formed bands there are floating around at the moment, just waiting to be discovered by a wider audience.

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Ben And The Sea ‘The Sailor’

Ben And The Sea began life two years ago when musician Ben Webb left his home of Port Stephens in New South Wales and embarked on a journey that would eventually take him to more than 15 countries over 12 months, playing shows as he went. Eventually he settled in Belgium, where he formed the ‘And The Sea’ part of his band name, collecting a bunch of passionate musicians from all around the world to help him record and play live. The EP ‘A Life Outside’ is a result of this.

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Great Australian Music Blogs

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a bit slack with the updates lately. I’ve been doing through a gigdrought (which is thankfully about to end) and so haven’t had any reviews to write up, and with uni starting again I’m finding I just don’t have as much spare time as I’m used to having.

Whilst I certainly hope you stick with me despite only semi-regular posts for the next couple of weeks (things should calm down a bit soon), if you’re needing your regular fix of Australian music there are plenty of other great blogs where you can get it.

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The Best Albums Of 2010

This was a surprisingly difficult list to put together. Despite 2010 being an undeniably amazing year for music, I found that there were very few albums that I absolutely and unreservedly loved. This being said, there were some stunning records released this year, with a large percentage of these coming from already established international bands. […]

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