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Album Review: Jónsi ‘Go’

I find I’m having less and less time for album reviews lately unfortunately. I’m very busy at the moment and album reviews are definitely the most time consuming posts I write on Pluck– I only feel comfortable writing a review after repeated listens of the album, and even then it can be hard to accurately […]

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News: Jónsi To Tour Australia In August

With his debut solo album, ‘Go’, under his belt, Sigur Rós’ frontman Jónsi has announced that he will be touring Australia in August. Jónsi’s live shows are already a thing of legend, but remember that he only has one album to draw upon (assuming that he will not play any Sigur Rós or Riceboy Sleeps songs). […]

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News: Listen To Jónsi’s ‘Go’

Sigur Rós’ frontman, Jónsi, has a debut solo record entitled ‘Go’ due out next week, and has made the entire album available for streaming here. It is a predictably sublime, unique, and beautiful album (particularly opener Go Do), so check it out and make sure to stay tuned for a review.

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