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Pinback Australian Tour

Whoa, this one has really flown under the radar for some reason. Californian indie rockers Pinback, who have been killing it for the better part of a decade, have announced that they will be touring Australia for the first time in August. Here are the deets.

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Splendour Sideshows Guide

So tickets to Splendour have come and gone, and if you missed out (or even if you didn’t), you’re probably going to be interested in hitting up a few sideshows. The problem of course is that the Splendour lineup was so full of amazing international artists that it’s going to be hard picking just a […]

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News: Jónsi To Tour Australia In August

With his debut solo album, ‘Go’, under his belt, Sigur Rós’ frontman Jónsi has announced that he will be touring Australia in August. Jónsi’s live shows are already a thing of legend, but remember that he only has one album to draw upon (assuming that he will not play any Sigur Rós or Riceboy Sleeps songs). […]

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