Pinback Australian Tour

Whoa, this one has really flown under the radar for some reason. Californian indie rockers Pinback, who have been killing it for the better part of a decade, have announced that they will be touring Australia for the first time in August. Here are the deets:

Wednesday 17th August
The Bakery, Perth

Thursday 18th August
The Zoo, Brisbane

Saturday 20th August
Manning Bar, Sydney

Sunday 21st August
Corner Hotel, Melbourne

If you haven’t heard Pinback’s infectious take on indie rock, now is the perfect time to get on it. Check out their classic Good To Sea from their latest album, 2007’s ‘Autumn Of The Seraphs’.

Pinback are one of those weird bands stuck in music limbo: they are kind of mainstream but really aren’t and are kind of hipster but really aren’t. Fans of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ though might recognise this track from one of the latest episodes to hit Australian television. Everything else aside though this is an awesome and enduring band and I can’t wait to see that Corner Hotel show, which incidentally is on sale tomorrow morning.

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