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Splendour Sideshows Guide

So tickets to Splendour have come and gone, and if you missed out (or even if you didn’t), you’re probably going to be interested in hitting up a few sideshows. The problem of course is that the Splendour lineup was so full of amazing international artists that it’s going to be hard picking just a […]

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Album Review: Surfer Blood ‘Astro Coast’

Whenever a new indie band is hyped online, there is a depressingly predictable cycle that occurs. First, there’s the immediate rush of unabashed affection as bloggers rush to jump on the bandwagon. Then, there’s the backlash, where words like “over-rated” and “they’re just ripping off Radiohead and/or Arcade Fire” are thrown around a lot. Next […]

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You Have To Hear: Surfer Blood

Surfer Blood were one of the most blogged-about acts of 2009, and they have very recently released their debut LP, ‘Astro Coast’.

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