Splendour Sideshows Guide

So tickets to Splendour have come and gone, and if you missed out (or even if you didn’t), you’re probably going to be interested in hitting up a few sideshows.

The problem of course is that the Splendour lineup was so full of amazing international artists that it’s going to be hard picking just a few sideshows to attend. With that in mind, I figured I’d try to sort out the gigs that offer the best value for money.

I’ve written this guide just for Melbourne, but most of these bands are playing shows in other states as well, and prices will be similar, so this guide still applies generally. Those listed with no rating are bands that I do not listen to, and obviously the whole thing is just my personal opinion, just use it as a date guide if you want.

Mumford & Sons
Sold Out.

The Strokes
Sold Out.

The Temper Trap
Sold Out.

Alberta Cross
July 27th @ The Corner Hotel

Band Of Horses
July 27th @ The Palace
These guys have been to Australia before, but this time they have a much more impressive back-catalogue, with their first two critically-acclaimed albums and a third on the way. This would be a great gig, and the price is decent.

July 27th @ The HiFi
I didn’t like their first album that much, but their second record is a great piece of work, and really grows on you with repeated listens. This is also a really good price for a big international act, and I love the venue. I honestly can’t split this and Band of Horses.

Grizzly Bear
July 27th @ The Palais
It’s no secret I’m not the biggest fan of Grizzly Bear, but at the Palais I can imagine them simply shining. It’s a venue that really suits them and would create a unique experience. Factoring in the increased price however I’m going to have to give the edge to the other two gigs on this night, but only just.

The Magic Numbers
July 28th @ The Corner Hotel
I’ve just got into these guys, and with a third album on the way, this would be a really fun show at the intimate Corner Hotel. Quite expensive however.

LCD Soundsystem & Hot Chip
July 29th @ Festival Hall
Wow, what a double billing. LCD Soundsystem, one of the bands of our generation, playing their supposedly last tour, and Hot Chip coming off the back of their great album ‘One Life Stand’. If you want to dance the night away, this is your gig, and the sound of these two acts at Festival Hall would be simply massive. If you’re going to make it to one sideshow, I recommend this one (but hurry, because tickets are already on sale).

July 29th @ The Prince Bandroom
Yeasayer’s second and latest album ‘Odd Blood’ is much better suited to live shows I would imagine, and I think this could be a huge amount of fun at one of my favourite Melbourne venues.

Surfer Blood
July 30th @ The Corner Hotel
It’s this up and coming band’s first Australian tour. Their live show is said to be enthralling, and Australia is already swooning over their debut album ‘Astro Coast’. One of the cheaper sideshows out there.

Frightened Rabbit
August 2nd @ The HiFi

August 2nd @ Prince Bandroom

Florence And The Machine
August 2nd @ Festival Hall
I’m not a massive fan of Florence- I saw her at Laneway and was fairly underwhelmed. However many other people said it was the best festival set they have ever heard, so to each their own I suppose. But anyway personally I don’t think her sound will suit a massive venue like Festival Hall at all, and this is going to be way expensive.

August 3rd @ The Palace

Broken Social Scene
August 3rd @ The Corner Hotel
WOW. I thought BSS would play a way bigger venue than the Corner, and would be much more expensive than this. The intimate Corner Hotel will suit BSS perfectly (although I’m unsure whether the stage would even fit all of the band members). The best value for money of any sideshow, but watch out because I bet this will be amongst the first to sell out.

Two Door Cinema Club
August 3rd @ East Brunswick Club
This would be all kinds of fun, especially at a venue as intimate as the East Brunswick Club, but unfortunately Broken Social Scene simply has to be the priority this night.

August 4th @ The Palace
This is a very fair price for seeing the lead singer of Sigur Ros live. Jonsi is an international superstar, and even if he will only have his one solo album to draw upon, this will be a spectacular show, especially if Jonsi bring his whole set down with him.

Band Of Skulls
August 4th @ East Brunswick Club

Kate Nash
August 4th @ The Corner Hotel

Laura Marling
August 4th @ The HiFi

We Are Scientists & Ash
August 4th @ Billboard
I have only listened to the first part of this double billing, and although they are very cool, with the similar prices, for me it has to be Jonsi this night.

Passion Pit
August 5th @ The Prince Bandroom
Passion Pit are so very very fun live that they justify this hefty pricetag for a band with only one album under their belt. Passion Pit at the Prince Bandroom is something I simply really want to experience.

Most tickets go on sale this Friday. I believe this guide is pretty complete (much more so than the official website actually), but if there’s anyone I’m missing please let me know.

4 Responses to “Splendour Sideshows Guide”

  1. I’m hanging out to see Laura Marling. Jonsi would be amazing as well. Grizzly Bear seem to switch between boring and amazing for me but they would be great at the palais.

    I think I’m going to be very broke by the end of this…

    And don’t you dare complain about non-camping tickets. You’ll be there at least.

    • Haha well the problem is that everyone I was planning on going with got camping tickets, so at the moment I’m not even sure that I’m going (reselling the ticket is a possibility).

      So I’m looking to play it safe and grab tickets to a few of the must-see sideshows in case I end up not going to the festival. Could always sell those tickets onto mates anyway if I do end up going to Splendour.

      ARGH it’s all so confusing and needlessly complicated, I wish I got a camping ticket!

  2. That would suck. But maybe you could just meet them there everyday,although it would be more expensive and slightly lonley.

    Do you think we’ll see any other sideshows announced? That said, I don’t need any more temptation…

    • I reckon we’ll still see a few more sideshows from the international acts- Fanfarlo (please please please), Miike Snow, Florence, Delphic, The Drums etc. It seems crazy that they would come to Australia for just one show, and I don’t think Splendour bothers with exclusive acts. Although Delphic and Florence were just here so maybe not for them.

      Meeting up every day is a possibility, I’m also considering just flying up by myself, seeing as there’s so many bands I want to see my days would be pretty much full anyway. I dunno. I’d still have to work out getting from accommodation to the festival and back. DAM YOU MOSHTIX!!

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