Boy And Bear Debut EP And Headline Tour

I posted about this Sydney band a while back, after seeing them play an excellent set at Homebake and open for Hungry Kids Of Hungary. However since then a lot has happened- they’ve released their debut EP entitled ‘With Emperor Antarctica’, and have announced their first national headline tour.

They have also continued their run of amazing support act slots, and will be opening for Lisa Mitchell in her upcoming tour. They’ve also scored a cherished spot on the Splendour In The Grass bill, and have been slotted in to support Laura Marling in a series of sideshows.

‘With Emperor Antarctica’ is one of the most promising debut EPs I have ever heard. The old favourites are there, namely Mexican Mavis and The Storm, but surprisingly the spearhead song has become Rabbit Song, which has enthralled listeners Australia-wide and received a lot of airtime on Triple J. Both the older songs are good enough to be lead songs in my opinion, but they also work very nicely taking a back seat to Rabbit Song. This is a debut album with three singles essentially, which is very rare and very promising indeed.

The boys have even made their first music video:

What is truly impressive is how the EP works as a whole, with each song leading into the next perfectly and a real sense of musical continuity. This is a rare level of cohesion and maturity in a debut EP.

Accompanying the release of the EP, Boy And Bear will be touring around Australia (partially), playing dates in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. Melbourne readers can catch them at the Northcote Social Club on the 5th of June for just $12. This is a tour not to be missed- the chance to see the very beginning of what will become a great Australian band.

4 Responses to “Boy And Bear Debut EP And Headline Tour”

  1. They’re touring in Melbourne one week before I turn 18. Not happy :(

    But I totally agree, the EP is amazing.

    • Ah that sucks. At least they’ll be around for a while though, you’ll have plenty of chances to see them. And you’ll see them at Laura Marling’s sideshow won’t you?

  2. I will see them with Laura Marling. Which will be awesome. Johnny Flynn is also supporting and he isn’t too bad either. Are you going to any sideshows?

    • Awesome, so that’s something at least. That will be a great gig, I’ve been getting into Laura Marling a lot more lately. So far I’m going to Mumford And Sons and Passion Pit, if I end up reselling my event only ticket I’ll want to go to Broken Social Scene as well and maybe even scalp a ticket for LCD Soundsystem. So. Many. Sideshows!

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