Great Australian Music Blogs

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a bit slack with the updates lately. I’ve been doing through a gigdrought (which is thankfully about to end) and so haven’t had any reviews to write up, and with uni starting again I’m finding I just don’t have as much spare time as I’m used to having.

Whilst I certainly hope you stick with me despite only semi-regular posts for the next couple of weeks (things should calm down a bit soon), if you’re needing your regular fix of Australian music there are plenty of other great blogs where you can get it.

So I figured I might use this opportunity to shine a light on some awesome Australian(ish) music blogs that you may or may not have heard of. Some of these are no doubt much more popular than mine, so inclusion on this list isn’t meant to indicate that these blogs need more readers, but rather that I think they deserve them. It’s also inevitable that I miss out on a couple, so apologies in advance for that. Click the banners to go to the blogs.

[A Reminder]

This blog run by Sean originally began in Sydney however has now relocated to Vancouver. It subscribes to the belief in quality over quantity, and each and every update is always worth your time. It obviously has a significant international focus, and I’ve found that my favourite thing about A Reminder is reading the intensely personal gig reviews of huge shows the likes of which we in Australia don’t really get the chance to attend.

[Buried By The Buzz]

This is a personal Sydney-based music blog  by Giselle. It has a much greater international focus than many of the other blogs on this list, which is helped by the fact that Giselle gets some amazing interviews with members of bands such as Beach House and Two Door Cinema Club. Reflecting the fact that Giselle is a music journalist, the writing is very professional and very slick. It’s always a great read, especially at the moment as the blog is currently going through the entertaining ’30 Day Song Challenge’.

[Electric Skeleton]

Electric Skeleton is a similar music blog to mine. It’s run by just the one person, is based in Melbourne, and covers mostly Australian music. A good place for some really interesting interviews with local Aussie artists you may not know too much about, and the name is from Darren Hanlon lyrics so you can’t really go wrong.

[Me, And All My Friends]

This is another Melbourne-based blog that has a greater focus on electronic music, however still covers a whole range of stuff. Also one of the few blogs here to be properly linked up to the Hype Machine, so everything they post can be streamed over there as well. Always well worth your time, and has an active Facebook community.

[Middle Class White Noise]

So this isn’t an Australian music blog, but it still deserves a mention out of sheer awesomeness. It’s great at drawing your attention to smaller international bands that you might never hear of otherwise, and the new uniform stylistic layout for posts is absolutely fantastic, making this easily one of the most professional and classy looking amateur music blogs out there.

[Oceans Never Listen]

A very slick Sydney-based blog that is great for more obscure music news as well as very cool tips on new music both locally and internationally (it was this blog that put me on to Grouplove, who are now on constant heavy rotation).

[On The Tune]

On The Tune is a fantastic and laid-back blog by Jeremy, with a big focus on Australian music. I love the new minimalist layout, and the blog shines with semi-regular free-to-download legit Mixtapes that provide a great way to get a small taste of a whole range of musicians.

[Sabi’s Aus Music Blog]

The name says it all really. Sabi does an amazing job of shining the light on some great Australian music, and her list of attended gigs is truly something to marvel at. Her upcoming gig guide is also one of the most complete and most useful guides of its kind, and is a great way to stay on top of upcoming shows.

[Timber And Steel]

Whilst most of the blogs here focus on a wide range of music, the Sydney-based Timer And Steel focuses specifically on folk music. And it does it very well indeed, looking at a lot of music that slips through the cracks of the Australian indie scene whilst also keeping you up to date with much bigger folk-esque outfits such as Mumford And Sons.

[Who The Bloody Hell Are They?]

I’m sure this blog needs no introduction- as Australia’s representative in the Music Alliance Pact, is is almost certainly our country’s most significant music blog on an international scale. It never fails to disappoint, providing great reads and even better music. It’s been going few a lot of changes as of late however and is currently down, so its future seems uncertain.

4 Responses to “Great Australian Music Blogs”

  1. Getting me thinking that I gotta do one of these lists too! Thanks for the mention mate.

  2. Always chuffed to see our name in lights on a list like this. Keep up the great work Lachy and congrats on the end of the gig-drought.

  3. Just saw this then (damn uni work eating into my internet time). Thanks for the shout-out :)

  4. Great to see us up here (even if we’re a few thousand miles away). Really appreciate the shout-out and from the looks of it, you’ve put us in some great company.

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